Top Eliminator (T/E)

The World’s quickest and fastest racing class for that dragster, altered or unlimited sedan that is trying to set a World record.

This is our unlimited class for that dragster, altered or sedan that is trying to set a Low ET or top MPH. We have cars run over 200 MPH.

Pro Modified (P/M)

A weight per cubic inch Heads-Up Class with no index and no breakouts. First one to the finish line wins! This class is made up of naturally aspirated (Pro Stock type) nitrous oxide fed or turbocharged (Pro Turbo type) race cars. PRO MOD starts with a .4 pro tree and is running in the 8’s at over 160MPH.

Pro Turbo (P/T)

Heads-up racing that’s open to air-cooled 4 cylinder draw thru turbocharged VW’s only and we run on a .400 Pro tree

Super Combo (S/C) 10.05, 10.90 and 11.90

A BRS heads up based 10.05, 10.90 and 11.90 Index class combined that will use a .4 pro tree.  A very competitive class with no minimum weight or engine displacement restrictions but, dragsters are prohibited in this class.

Pro Eliminator (P/E) 12.99 and quicker

Bracket Style Class. Dial in handicap class for cars running 12.99 and quicker. This class offers a variety of racing excitement!

Sportsman Eliminator (S/E) 13.00 and slower

Bracket class for the novice racer who has a car that runs 13.00 seconds and slower. Great class for the beginner or race your friends for bragging rights.

New for 2023 1/8 mile Pro Eliminator class

PRO 1/8 mile dial in handicap Pro Eliminator style class for cars running 8.00 to 5.00 E.T.